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This web site is maintained by Centipede Productions as a central resource for the RoPSTM PostScriptTM Interpreter.

'RoPS' is a trademark of Centipede Productions. The name 'PostScript' is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

The book Maximum Security recommends RoPS because "RoPS is smaller, easier to configure, and faster [than GhostScript.] In fact, it is probably one of the best shareware products I have ever seen; it is incredibly small for the job that it does and requires minimal memory resources. It was coded by Roger Willcocks, a software engineer in London, England."

Adobe Systems created the original PostScript language. Their web site contains the definitive reference manuals for the language.

The dmoz Open Directory Project has a fine collection of PostScript-related links.

The PostScript Processing Speed Test tests the speed of your printer. RoPS scores 60.6 i.e. it is sixty times faster than an Apple LaserWriter II NTX (when run on a 200MHz Pentium Pro creating pages for DeskJet 710C, 300dpi mono.)

GhostScript is a free (as in speech) full-blown level 3 PostScript interpreter, but it's a 5 Mbyte download. It also requires a separate viewer utility another megabyte...

Quite Software produces PSAlter, a toolbox for editing PostScript files. Their site also has a number of helpful PostScript links and other resources.

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